Your fundraising “pitch”

In the Environmental Leadership Program you will have a range of projects to choose from and you will be able to select a project that fits with your interests and passions.

Whatever project you choose, you should make a “pitch” to potential supporters.

Here’s why … Leadership requires that you enlist the support of others. It’s that simple.

Besides, it will be fun and rewarding to prepare your pitch, practice your pitch, deliver your pitch and get support.

So how do you prepare for a good pitch?

Here’s how. Pick your topic, then …

Learn. Teach. Teach. Teach. Learn. Teach. Teach. Teach.

You should teach and share about your topic so much that it becomes easy and natural to do so.

This will prepare you for your pitch.

To prepare your pitch, reflect upon these questions…

  • What is the name of your project?
  • Where is your project physically located?
  • What are the benefits of your project? Make a list of at least 5-7 benefits of this project. 
  • What are some of the attractive or fascinating features to this project?
  • What are some opportunities to tell stories and interesting facts about how living things interact with one another?
  • What are some colorful or beautiful things you can show that will give your presentation abundant visual appeal?
  • What authorities can you quote or cite that speak to the need for this project?
  • How will your project work? What are some of the steps to completion?
  • What other people or organizations have lent financial support?
  • What other people or organizations have lent technical support?
  • What are the recommendations of the experts with whom you have consulted?
  • What do you need, financially?
  • Can you give 2-3 alternative budgets, one that is a bare minimum, and one that is a dream budget?

You should seek to answer most of these questions to yourself, then pick some to share with a friend.

Share the most important points with a friend and do so within a 5-10 minute time limit. Do this over and over until it is easy and natural.

Conclusion …

Most people shrink from fundraising, but you will not, because you will see that it is a straightforward and manageable process. And … best of all …  you will be building skills that will serve you in any endeavor.

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