Wetlands …

In the Environmental Leadership Program, you have the opportunity to select a project that matches your passions and develops a skill set that will impress prospective employers.

To understand the range of projects available to you, please browse this website if you have not done so already.

If you want to explore exciting possibilities for wetlands restoration, then read on.

Wetlands are vital to our ecosystems because they support biodiversity, they filter water, they recharge groundwater, they provide habitat for numerous insects, amphibians and birds.

In this project, you will study two proposed wetlands projects.

Earth & Spirit Center has two proposed wetlands sites. The proposed sites were designed under the supervision of Tom Biebighauser, a highly respected wetlands expert.

In the course of this work, you prepare to EXPLAIN these environmental projects to potential supporters.

If you can capably explain and defend these wetlands projects to potential donors, then you will have developed a skill that is readily transferable to innumerable other high-value functions in the workplace.

Here’s the thing … In the workplace, you will succeed in a big way only if you can 1) sell yourself, 2) sell ideas and 3) garner support for your initiatives.

This project will prepare you to sit in a job interview and speak with credibility about how you played a vital role in the planning, fundraising and implementation of this project.

You will be able to tell persuasive, upbeat stories about your experience.

If you are interested in wetlands, review these PDF documents, then email nhhagan@gmail.com and ask about defining your Learning Goals for this internship.




If you have not yet attended a meeting of this internship program, please go to The Environmental Leadership Program

In any event, feel free to email Hart at nhhagan@gmail.com for questions.


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