Invasive Species Removal …

Invasive species like bush honeysuckle have overtaken many of our woodlands and hedgerows.

These plant species tend to kill off native plants, and that’s bad for the whole ecosystem.

What is an invasive plant species?

Invasive plant species are imported plants that tend to take over any area where they get established, killing off native plant species.

What harm is done by invasive plant species?

Native insects are left with nothing to eat, since native insects can only eat native plants (for the most part). This trend is harmful to all animals that feed upon herbivorous insects, and the whole food web is disrupted.

What are the benefits of removing invasive species?

When we remove invasive species, we set the stage for greater biodiversity. Native plants tend to thrive because they no longer have to compete with the invasives.

Volunteers vs replacement plants …

Sometimes wildflowers “volunteer”, meaning they grow spontaneously after we remove invasive species.

Sometimes it pays to plant replacement flora.

What invasive species are a problem on the Earth & Spirit Center campus?

Bush honeysuckle is a big problem, as well as wintercreeper and English Ivy.

Why do “invasive species” continue to be a problem in our local landscape?

First, lack of awareness. Secondly, successful removal takes time and effort and must be done consistently over time.

What are the personal benefits of invasive species removal activities?

It’s good exercise. You get to be outdoors doing something purposeful. And you learn plant identification.

Internet research …

Look up “bush honeysuckle” on the Internet.

Post to Facebook …

If you find interesting resources, post them to the “Earth & Spirit Interns” group on Facebook.

Invasive removal at Earth & Spirit Center …

Ask a leader how you can help remove invasive species at Earth & Spirit Center.

Internet research …

One species at a time research how to remove these species …

  • Wintercreeper
  • English Ivy
  • Privet
  • Autumn olive

Post your findings to the “Earth & Spirit Interns” Facebook group.

Marketable skills …

If you complete the above activities, you can gain the following marketable skills …

  • The ability to identify invasive species.
  • The ability to effectively remove invasive species.
  • The ability to organize groups of volunteers to remove invasive species.
  • The ability to lead a crew of paid workers to remove invasive species.

What can you tell a future employer on your resume or in a job interview? 
You can talk about your ability to identify invasive species and effectively remove them. These services can be sold to homeowners and landowners who seek to remove invasive species.

For assistance … email Hart at 


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