You: Outdoor Educator 

At Earth & Spirit Center, you can choose from a wide range of projects and select one that fits your interests and passions.

In the Tour Guide project, you will focus on the skill of explaining a variety of ecological projects.

As you progress through this project, you will sound more and more like a professional habitat restoration specialist.

You will explain the features and ecological benefits of each project.

As you lead a tour, you will address issues such as …

  • Why do we need wetlands? What is exciting about wetlands projects at Earth & Spirit Center?
  • What is a pollinator meadow and what are the steps to creating one?
  • What is a riparian buffer and how can it help filter water and increase wildlife diversity?


As a tour guide, you will point out these features on your tour …

Wetlands areas …

When you approach our wetlands projects, you will ask and answer such questions as …

  • Why do we need wetlands ?
  • How do we create wetlands?
  • How do wetlands support wildlife diversity?

Pollinator meadow …

As you stroll past our pollinator meadow, you will address such issues as …

  • What is a pollinator meadow?
  • What are the benefits of a pollinator meadow?
  • How do you establish a pollinator meadow?

Beargrass creek …

You will visit the Beargrass Creek and explain what we do to compromise water quality and what we can do to clean it up.

Riparian areas …

You will explain how to create a Riparian Buffer — an optimal mix of vegetation near a stream. You will address issues as …

  • How do riparian buffers filter rain water?
  • How do riparian buffers increase wildlife diversity?
  • What is the process of creating a good riparian buffer?

Invasive species …

You will point out invasive species, discuss why they are harmful and what we can do to control them.

Woodland garden …

You will explain how we are creating a woodland garden around the old swimming pool.

Vines …

You will point out harmful vines and talk about our plans to remove harmful vines.

Trees …

You will point out some of our more interesting trees and address issues such as …

  • What valuable services do trees provide for us?
  • How can we create healthier woodlands that benefit wildlife and humans?
  • How can we empower our trees to filter water, clean the air and support wildlife?

Beech tree …

Our beautiful old beech tree is the perfect place to point out that …

  • Trees clean and cool the air.
  • Trees retain and filter rainwater.
  • Trees help recharge ground water.
  • Trees sequester carbon. We need to plant long-living hardwoods like this, that sequester tons of carbon during the course of their lives.

In addition, trees have a direct impact on wildlife diversity …

  • Trees increase wildlife diversity by providing food and habitat for innumerable species.
  • Native trees serve as “larval host plants.”
  • This beech tree serves as host plant for approximately 150 species of butterflies and moths.

CONCLUSION: Nail your job interviews.

Our internship is designed to help you gain the skills you need to pursue your dream career.

In this project, you will master the skill of explaining a wide range of environmental issues.

This skill will go far to impress your interviewer when you are applying for your dream job.

Email your questions to


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